I mean, there are sooooo many options for me, or you, to learn new techniques. Oh my, the internet has opened up a vast and abundant shimmering universe of classes, each one a gorgeous ray of neverending creative opportunity! We can gorge ourselves silly, yet still there will be more to absorb and learn! It’s an all-you-can-eat-gourmet brimming with tempting dishes at every turn.

Trust me, I LOVE ONLINE COURSES!!!!! Faraway instructors sharing their skills to benefit my skills, all at my own convenience? SOLD.

but here’s the thing.

Although I prefer learning in private, where I can screw up and nobody knows,

there’s something profound about screwing up with a group of loving, supportive wacky cohorts in the same room. And then feeling the AHA ! ( mixed with relief) when it all comes together. And may I add, this applies to both student and instructor.

It makes me human.

It CONNECTS me to the imperfect.

It CONNECTS me to other hearts.

and that is the root of Art-is-You.


Art-is-You is MORE than art.

Art-is-You MORE than a retreat.

Art-is-You is an opportunity to grow, not just as an artist.

and this is what makes it so unique.


When you arrive at Art-is-You, you are embraced -literally and figuratively- by your flock.

You are held in a place of respect, honor, friendship, and fun.

You are appreciated for BEING there.

You are appreciated for BEING.

You are appreciated.


Yes, there is much scurrying, directing, coordinating, organizing, and negotiating occurring onsite as these events require immense planning.

But it’s all offset by the laughing.

Because the root of this event is Love.

I felt it onsite, and more importantly, it followed me home.

Back in my studio, I felt the presence of Sallianne and Ellen, and Colleen and Kim, and Kiki, and Lynne, and John, and Kwantwell, and DeBi, and Deborah, and Elena and Kali, and Laura and Scott, and Irene, and Tracy and Seth, and Jen, and geez, so many others that I felt a heart-to-heart connection with. Their spirits stayed with me to encourage and become a part of whatever artwork I am creating now.

That’s the intangible lingering priceless magic of Art-is-You.

Sallianne and Ellen have cultivated a wondrous tree, and we all get to be blossoms.

Lori Sparkly Franklin is an artist based in Minneapolis.  She can be discovered

and … she is joining us in Santa Rosa and Minneapolis in 2017.

Santa Rosa