Vanessa “Kiki” Johanning
Sunday May 5, 2019

A Kiki class ~ Making the Heirloom Secret Scroll Journal

This creation holds a place to keep all your snippets and jewelry/sewing box treasures! Perhaps secret notes, a feather from your walk, or a locket of hair from a loved one.

The idea of a written scroll goes way back into time, and this is a way to bring it to the future! To hang it on a wall, or roll it up and keep in a hidden special place! It will be so truly special, that you will want to make more in the future as gifts! (Weddings, valentine, or a birthday!)

We will be creating this, by doing some light embroidery, hand sewing, stamping, working with sari ribbons, and special fabrics.

Also adding hidden messages inside pockets of the scroll Journal/banner!

These tiny love letter messages will be made from made from vintage ledger paper in your kit from 1888!

Supplies :

  • You need to bring a few light colored fabric swatches, 2”x2” approx
  • Any crocheted or quilted scraps, (small pieces!)
  • A few snippets, embellishments that may include beads, broken jewelry, old single earrings, a few buttons that have special meanings ,
    Metal hearts or charms..
  • 4-5 Silk flowers and leaves (I will have Some also! )
  • A metal thimble that we will smash is an adorable addition!
  • Any embroidery such as from a pillow case that can be cut up
  • Any junk drawer findings, maybe grandmas old times watch?
  • Maybe you might have a few inches of Some embroidered ribbons, or lace!
  • A spool of thread (Your color choice) and a few colors of embroidery floss
  • You will need a few sewing needles (and if you are like me a needle threader!)lol
  • A brand new unopened container of “Staz on” stamp pad -black.
  • A small scissors
  • One NEW fine point sharpie black,
  • One small paintbrush,
  • One New bottle of Aleene‘s tacky glue -small size.
  • Last but not least: A few Stick pins for sure!

These is a precious mixed media project, published, and adored by many students, I hope you will join us and have fun!

The Class kit is 20.00 cash (due at the beginning of class please)

I will have plenty of things to share with you from my crochet doily and embroidery collection stash also! Including your wooden scroll, main fabric backing, and the Vintage 1888 Ledger paper for tags and letters!
I will also bring more fabric, ribbons, stamps, gold and silver paint!! I can’t wait!