Boho Lanterns

Vanessa Johanning
One Day Workshop

This has been a very popular class of mine, with national interest, so we are offering it again, but with even more details! You don’t have to be an artist to make this, I will show you all the tips and tricks!

You will have a great time creating this hanging wind sculpture for your studio or Garden. It will involve Painting, easy hand sewing, Adding bits of twigs, ribbons, charms, old jewelry, material scraps to create a memorable keepsake that will last many seasons! You can make it bright colored or serine and lacy, its up to you…

It is said that many prayers and Blessings are carried away in the wind and that is why we hang them up and let them Fly! You will paint, sew, and print your personal Prose to the Lantern, Learning the process to add the personalization from your heart. Its sort of like a~ “WIND JOURNAL!” so cool!

Each Lantern is always a surprise and unique to the maker, once you learn this technique, You will always want to make more for yourself or for gifts! 

This is a Happy Class! 

  • You will need to bring small amounts of : embroidered ribbons ( maybe PomPoms too?), a few beads, charms, jingle bells, old broken jewelry, a paint brush, sewing needle with a big hole/eye, (perhaps a threader-helper) one or two packages of embroidery threads in your favorite colors. Bring A scissors, a few black sharpies, and MOST important** an embroidery Hoop 14’’diameter NO bigger/ No Smaller please. Bring both pieces of the hoop to class ok?
  • KIT: I will supply an individual material kit for $20.00 ~The precut canvas, rope, hanging hardware, and much more, Due at the beginning of class (Cash only please,)  plus you will have access to my Amazing Pile of ribbons, stamps, stencils, and material ephemera to dig through and see what speaks to you. I will also have your Paint, and plenty of high temp Hot glue available so you don’t have to pack that! Oh we are going to have too much fun!! 

I will also be showing you how to add safe lighting to this Lantern once you hang it up in your sacred space when you get home.  I can’t wait to share this time of giggles and Joy with you for this super fun class, See you soon!