NYE 2019, the families and businesses were impacted by a ferocious fire that razed homes, shops and dreams.

When I saw the devastation, I knew instinctively that I had to do something and reached out to the Mogo Public School P&C to start a simple and direct fundraiser plus collect backpacks for every single child at the school. Mobilising for Mogo was born. Yet at a phone call in the afternoon on January 5 from a Mogo resident and business owner made me realise we simply needed to do more. Within 3 hours I was meeting with a group of supportive business owners and friends to discuss and plan a delivery. Our intent was to deliver a customised, organised and controlled donation of items. A call out to the community and as expected, our generous community responded.

Two days before delivery, it became clear to me that our 6 tonne delivery of grocery items and much needed camping gear needed storage. Thanks to Royal Wolf (for the great deal), we had two 20ft containers to deliver our donation to. The following day we returned to the Boomerang Meeting Place to deliver much needed trestle tables and boxes to help the residents gain some control over the donations of second hand clothing.

This was the first of several deliveries that are now planned and we will continue to support the families and businesses of Mogo, NSW.
Special thanks to M4M Sponsors: SOS Removals and Storage Thornleigh for collecting, storing and delivering community donations. Tremendous additional support was provided by Rotary Clubs of Ryde, Galston and Wahroonga, Magpies Waitara and a community that extended across NSW, QLD and United States of America.

Sallianne McClelland
Creator Mobilising for Mogo

This video was shot on the 11th January as we delivered over 6 tonne of goods to the town of Mogo. With special thanks to the Haven Agency.