Etched Façade FOUND OBJECT SANDWICH (FOS) with BONUS Decorative Façade Jigsaw Monoprint

Thomas Mann
Three Day Workshop

This workshop offers the opportunity to EXPLORE design concepts and DELVE INTO fabrication techniques important to Tom’s signature ASSEMBLAGE approach to jewelry making through the creation of what he calls the FOUND OBJECT SANDWICH.

In three day class, participants will have the opportunity to learn, practice and apply the techniques of sawing, chasing, etching, and cold-connecting. And, AS A BONUS, use the Etched Façade, and all the bits and pieces of metal you’ve sawn away in designing your piece, to create a decorative Jigsaw Monoprint, which will further tell the story of your personal wearable expression.

Although FOS focuses on Tom’s “miniature bolting system” and design aesthetic, students will walk away able to extrapolate other jewelry engineering and design solutions of their own.

Kit Fee – $35*

*Does not include the items that will make your piece intimately personal. Students are encouraged to bring photographs (old, new or magazine) and found objects such as buttons, heirloom jewelry, ephemera found on the streets or in nature, and discarded industrial materials (chain, electronic parts, etc.). to be incorporated in the design.

Tom will bring all tools and materials necessary to teach. However, if you prefer to bring your own favorite tools or have materials you want to use, please email moc.nnamsamoht@tekram for a list or tools and materials used.