BASICZ MASH-UP™ - Metal Techgeekery!

Thomas Mann
Two Day Workshop

Would you like to EXPAND your BASIC metalsmithing know-how while learning some new methods and “best of” secrets & shortcuts from Master Metalsmiths?

This BASICZ™ Mash-Up begins with demos and gets down and dirty with hands-on exercises including but not limited to… De-Mystifying the Jewelers Saw; FASTENation! – Tom’s inventive and revelatory tour of cold connection techniques; Soldering 101 (with the Micro-torch); and Spinit™— An Exploration of the Flexible Shaft Machine’s potential.

Take this 2-day class and PUMP UP your technical jewelry making skill set with a JAM PACKED metalsmithing THROWDOWN. 

Learn to Saw – $10
FASTENation! – $18
Spinit – $28
Soldering 101 – $14

ALL 4 KITS – $65

Tom will bring all tools and materials necessary to teach. However, if you prefer to bring your own favorite tools or have materials you want to use, please email moc.nnamsamoht@tekram for a list or tools and materials used.

NOTE!… Put your newfound knowledge to use in the design and fabrication of a finished piece or two in Tom’s OTHER 3-day workshop at EAT CAKE CREATE, the Etched Façade Found Object Sandwich, which includes a BONUS Zen moment by taking a break during fabrication to make a JIGSAW MONOPRINT!