Taska Sandford
Two Day Workshop 

We all could spend more time outdoors embracing and nurturing our connection to the earth. Join me in a Curious journey through the Mysteries of the natural world. In this 2-day class we will harness the sun and ocean for wet cyan prints. We will use mud and plants from the San Francisco Bay to impress the colors and essence of the weather and the season in our journals.

We will tear, wrap, fold, stitch, scratch, and sketch. Feathers, leaves, and twigs will help us hide and reveal our secret messages with the earth.

All of this will become a living Mysteriosity Nature Journal where we recapture that sense of place and wonder. You will leave the class with a handmade journal that can be added to over time as your dance with nature continues. And I hope we will also take with us a feeling that we are a part of something larger than ourselves.   

Supply List:

  • 2 pieces of Stonehenge white printmaking paper
  • small container of powdered gum arabic
  • small container of matte medium
  • 1″ foam brush
  • 0 or 00 paint brush (does not have to be expensive)
  • acrylic paint brush (around size 8-10)
  • 2-3 acrylic paints in your favorite colors
  • drawing pencil (HB or B)
  • black ink pen of your choice
  • ruler (6”-18”)
  • drafting compass (kid’s inexpensive is fine)
  • scissors
  • xacto knife
  • collage material featuring plants or animals
  • 1 black garbage bag
  • 1 plastic or cloth shopping bag

Materials kit: $15 to be paid to instructor

  • feathers
  • white gel pen
  • walnut ink
  • water brush
  • palette tray
  • dyeable ribbon
  • dyeable embroidery thread
  • pipettes 

As part of the materials kit fee I will have on hand for your use

  • cyanotype supplies
  • threads and ribbons
  • natural dyes, pigments, inks
  • rusty bits and bobs
  • sewing machine
  • gel printing plates