Sharon Payne Bolton
Thursday May 2 and Friday May 3, 2019

In this 2-day workshop, Sharon has your toolbox pieces ready to paint, install hardware and embellish.  You will paint your toolbox, install the hardware, including hinges, latch, handles, and drawer pull. Yes – there is an inside drawer! You will then finish off the inside of your toolbox with paint or vintage newspaper.  Sharon will have molds available for you to create your custom emblem on the front of your toolbox.

Sharon will supply EVERYTHING for you!  Your toolbox (mostly assembled), your hinges, handles, clasps, paint, vintage newspaper, and all supplies and tools needed to finish your treasured toolbox.   All experience levels are welcome.

Basic Kit fee of $65 includes everything you need for two days and you will walk away with your finished, custom-made toolbox in hand.