Sharon Payne Bolton
Gold Coast, Australia

We will be working with many types of papers and found objects to create your very own little Artist book box. Inside the box you will create your own vignette, fill it with a memory, or possibly a personal item for your remembrance.  Sharon has designed this class so that there will be no measuring!

Immersing yourself in this session means you can arrive with a coffee cup in one hand, kit fee in the other ready for a day of adventurous creating.  You do not need to bring any tools, glues, paints, or even a pair of scissors!!!  This is an immersion workshop!  All experience levels are welcome! 

Kit fee is $15.00 and includes:

  • Box kit – includes pre cut book board and plexi
  • Patterns for you to take home with you to make future boxes
  • Papers and pages from Sharon’s private collection
  • All the supplies needed to complete your box
  • Tool kit for use during your workshop

Kit fee also includes:

  • PVA Glue
  • Papers, treasures and found objects
  • Use of paint
  • Use of rubber stamps and inkpads
  • Use of Spray inks

Was ssssoooo way impressed with your pre planning and well organised workshop that made the entire experience so amazingly VALUABLE and fabulous. Always good to take home something I will actually show off and KEEP!!!!! Proudly…..I must add! So many different applications can be accessed with these and you started it ALL! My top accolades and bravos go to you as I wave both hands from sky to floor in unison in your direction. Joie

I had such a great time in the creative space you shared with us and have taken with me some exciting ideas to further my own art processes along. Thank you for giving so graciously to all of us! I hope to go for another class or workshop in the near future. – Carol