Between the Pages: Through the Looking Glass

Sharon Payne Bolton
Three Day Workshop

Come join mixed-media artist Sharon Payne Bolton for an exciting workshop, Through the Looking Glass.  We will be embedding, dangling, wrapping, layering, stitching, attaching, and binding an artist’s book. Here is your chance to play with the encaustic medium, make some molds with Apoxie Clay, and conquer the dreaded Coptic stitch.  You will have three full days to invest in your art piece without the rush of a shorter class. 

You don’t need to bring or pack anything, as a personal tool kit with everything you need will be provided for your use in class. Like her many other workshops, Sharon will provide a generous selection of vintage books and paper ephemera, nautical charts, antique photos, and found objects from her personal collection, for you to use in creating your book. You will walk away with a unique and delightful treasure to enjoy and display.

The kit fee is $40 and includes all the pre-cut pages and all the supplies you will need to complete your Coptic-bound artist’s book. Also included is a copy of Sharon’s self published booklette with the step-by-step Coptic Stitch instructions.

All experience levels are welcome. There will be abundant time to discover and explore with this project. Come immerse yourself in 3 full days of creativity.

I am glad I came to your master class last week at Art Is You. Even though I have taken many assemblage, bookbinding & collage classes before, I have learned a good number of techniques from you and from other students.

I love the fact that from time to time, you dropped off a piece of paper, an object, or whatever in my working space, and it’s a great challenge for me to incorporate them into my books. Serendipity, spontaneity, and adaptability are what I needed to learn to embrace and practice during the creative process.

Also, I truly appreciate your generosity with your supply, tools and knowledge. Thank you, Sharon, for the great learning & creative experience!