Scott Stabile: Face Your Fear, Change Your Life

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Face Your Fear, Change Your Life
9:00am – 4:00pm 
Saturday 16th April, 2016
Workshop fee: USD235.00 (includes registration and workshop fee*)
Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel and Spa

Fear sucks, doesn’t it?
Fear of failure. Fear of judgment. Fear of change.
Fear of this and Fear of that. We’ve all got it. We’ve all got it bad.

What are you afraid of?
How is fear holding you back in your life, and in your creativity?
Are you feeling stuck and wondering what you can do to move forward?

Art Is You_Don't forget about all those other...

The good news about our fear is that it only holds the power we give it. In this workshop, we’re gonna take some of that power back and learn to create, to communicate, and to LIVE our lives more fully, with our fear. Yes, with it, because fear will always be there on some level. We simply need to change how we respond to it. And we can. We will.

Art Is You_We surmount fears all the time.

I’ve spent these past few years facing my fears in a completely different way, not allowing them to stop me from sharing my heart and creativity, or from pursuing my dreams. In this time, I’ve published two books and have grown my Facebook page to a community of more than quarter of a million open-hearted souls from all over the world. My fear was with me through it all. It still is. It just doesn’t hold me back anymore. Your fear doesn’t have to hold you back, either.

Please join me for a day of inspiration and clarity designed to shift you out of the paralyzing effects of fear and into a life that reflects the strength, courage and resilience you carry within you (whether you realize it or not).

Art Is You_Beneath the pain of your fears...

Though Face Your Fear, Change Your Life is designed with creativity in mind, the benefits extend well beyond just creative pursuits. When you face your fear, you change your life in ways you can’t begin to imagine. This workshop is intended for artists, seekers, writers and anyone with the desire to transform her/his life. Expect lots of laughter, maybe some tears, and a renewed sense of how to face your fears. Did I mention love? Oh yes, there’s gonna be a whole lotta LOVE supporting it all.

Art Is You_Love Yourself Madly

Come with a ready heart, an open mind and the desire to go beyond your comfort zone. There will be plenty of writing, so please bring a journal or notebook, and above all, a willingness to be honest with yourself.


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About Scott:

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Scott Stabile is the author of the children’s book series, Li’l Pet Hospital, and the screenwriter of the feature film, The Oogieloves in the BIG Balloon Adventure. His writing was featured in the New York Times’ bestseller, Simple Reminders: Inspiration for Living Your Best Life, and his Facebook posts have been shared by millions of people. He is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.

Scott has committed to living his life from love—no matter what—and that one commitment has changed and continues to change every single aspect of his life for the better. His current book, just love., is an expression of this commitment.

You can connect with him and read more of his work
on his website:
and on his Facebook page:

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About this workshop*:
Scott’s workshop is part of a week long event – Art is You Mixed Media Art Retreats.
Your Attendee Registration fee and Workshop Fee covers event administration and processing fees including a large and luscious lunch, retreat bags, tags and access to the two day Art Trunk where Scott will have his books available for purchase at a special Event price.

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