140 days ago we delivered 7 tonne of love to the families of Mogo. Families who live 300km away felt the pain of the families in Mogo and we mobilised.

This week we returned to deliver tech love thanks to the generosity of Barker College and Knox Grammar School.

What struck me most was the broad and welcoming smiles on the faces that I have fallen in love with. There was an energy of resilience that warmed the cool, yet sun filled day.

I can not stress enough, the importance to walking alongside the towns impacted this past summer. We must not forget what they have walked through in these 140 days.

Businesses are open. The coffee is hot, the eggs delicious and the smiles are welcoming.

My time down there can be summed up by the words of a little boy who I connected with the last time I was down. When I called him by name this week and asked how he was, he responded with “You remembered my name”.

Mobilising for Mogo