Claudia reminded me today to live fiercely, vibrantly and without fear.

Today the Captain took me, his son, and my son to a point at the Big Wood River which was approximately an hour’s “float time” from their home.

Into the tubes we fell, holding on tight.  “Do good listening” I said to Max… but it wasn’t until I started to fly towards the first pile of rocks that I thought, now what did Wyatt and the Captain say?

We were surrounded by the largest, most majestic, most bluest of Spruce trees.  They line the rocky steep incline of the mountains surrounding us. It was a surreal experience for one who likes to be in control…. There was nothing I could do but to trust the flow of the water not knowing when we would arrive at our destination.

Strangers waved from the shoreline.

Fisherman hastily pulled their lines in for fear that they would catch the biggest fish of the day!

The sky was an incredible blue.

There were no clouds.

Just the mountains and trees surrounding me, the sound of the water crashing over the rocks was in my ears.   The shards of cold hitting my face.  Exhilerating and breath taking in one moment.  Exhausting yet refreshing.

Moments that were fast and took my breath away followed moments of serenity where I chose to float with my back to my destination…it was easier than to fight the flow of water.

I let go.

Then just when I could have floated for another hour I spotted a little boy standing on the bridge waving…a sight that brought me back to the moment.   A beautiful sight of a little boy excited to see his friends, his brother and his dad coming toward him.

We made it.

and I want to do it all again.

Sallianne xo


RIP Claudia Cayne: July 2, 2015 – Our Art is You Sister who brought a light to our lives.