Painted Story Telling

Kecia Deveney
One Day Workshop

Come paint with me me as we explore folk art. Folk art is described as highly decorative design and pattern using bright and bold colors. It typically has a flattened perspective using strong forms in simple arrangement. Typically folk art is produced by an untrained artist. It can also be called primitive, art brut, outsider art or child-like.

We all have stories in our head of things we have seen or something that has happened to us that is important and think of often. I’d like to help you explore these stories and bring them to life through guidance and paint. You do not know how to draw! This concept is not about being good enough or having mad drawing skills! I’m here to empower you through technique, patience and a sincere willingness to enjoy the process while learning.

Pre-class homework will involve keeping a journal and or folder of stories as you remember or they may occur. Write them down and in your mind begin to simplify them in a manner that reflects your intentions. Also keep an eye out for patterns, color and images that inspire you. Print them out and add to your class folder. Be observant of art that draws you in and also write down what it is you are liking. Is it how the eyes were shaped? Is it 2 colors next to each other that you find delicious? Again – add to your folder and also snap a pic on your phone and create a folder to easily find them again for class. Inspiration is everywhere and the more you observe and keep a list of, the easier it is to begin the process. I will also encourage you to go online and search out folk art. Here are several famous folk artists to take a look at, simply to see their work. Judith Scott, Bill Traylor, Shel Silverstein, Adolf Wolfli, James Castle, George Widener, Howard Finster and Leonard Knight. Also check our Mexican folk art from Oaxaca. Amazing color and patterns! Another fun thing to do is go to google and search under images, “folk art or folk artists”. Again, find things that inspire you and print out. You can use such things as a springboard for your work. This isn’t about copying, but about being inspired by a pattern, color or theme. Feel free to loosely sketch ideas too!

Supply list:

1) white gesso

2) variety of paint brushes in size and shape (small, large, flat, angle, liner, etc). You will want a liner brush of a size 1 or 2 and also a smaller angle brush for face details.

3) wood panel 16×20 or larger (ex. Ampersand artist panel, primed or unprimed. feel free to bring an extra one as well.

4) water container and pallet

5) wash cloth

6) paints: black, skin tone, beige and then a few bright bold colors like a hot pink, red, yellow, blue, turquoise or green

7) heavy bodied white paint

8) ruler

9) blow dryer and ext. cord (no heat guns please)

10) pen and notebook

11) extra pen (doesn’t need to work)

12) sanding block


**I will be supplying some paints and other things as well. Supply list subject to updates. As always, please message me on facebook or email me at moc.loa@4lrigahseek with any questions. Looking forward to spending the day a fun day with you!