Kecia Deveney
Sunday May 5, 2019
Important Note: This is a 9 hour class.  

I was in the mood to create a powerful piece of art to hang on the wall utilising techniques I often use over and over again in my art, but I wanted it to be different somehow. So how to take the same and make it different? It started with the head as inspiration and from there my ideas just took over. I wanted the piece to be raw with a cultural look to it. As if I was traveling and picked it up in a foreign country. So I created this portal sculpture. As I set out on this journey of creating, it was like going through a portal. I went back to a favorite technique of adding 3d elements and then onto hanging treasures to create form and body. I’m excited to explore and share this journey with you.

The day part of class, we will spend creating our heads and body. In the evening, Talisman class, we will creating the hanging skirt of treasures. We will have a lot of work to cover and I want everyone to come along for the learning aspect. You will get as much done as you can and can finish the rest at home should need be. (Especially with the skirt. Even months later, I’m still adding goodies as I come across them.

Supply list:

  • 4x4x1.5 deep panel wood art board – This has to be ordered online. you will not find it locally. please order ahead. Do not order or buy any other size than 4×4. message me with any questions about this. ORDER ONLINE
  • 4 oz. tacky glue
  • small craft hammer
  • a few small paint brushes and a few acrylic paints
  • Aves sculpt clay color: black size: 1/10. order online and ahead of time. We will make our central heart piece with this. ORDER ONLINE
  • heat gun
  • small amount of muted fabrics for the head. I like vintage, rust dyed, creams, lightweight, gauzy.
  • small FLAT items to glue around the frame (wood panel). see photo for ideas.
  • seed beads any color



  • wax linen thread any color –  (Talisman)
  • Beadalon nipper tool:
  • Bead Landing bent nose pliers
  • Darice Euro Metal Hole Punch
  • Findings to hang: Things that I look for: does it have holes? If there are no holes, is it soft enough to punch a hole? bring it. Things with links. Can it be sewn on? bring it. ideas: buttons, old jewelry, fabric yo-yo’s, bells, old pendants. go through your stash of found objects, fibers, beads, old necklace stuff, metal hoops, tiny gem tin types, anything with a loop that dangles, chandelier bits, chain with links (like rosary). I’ll do a video of my pieces with close up on the skirt for better visual.

Supply list subject to updates. please order supplies early and in a timely manner. be prepared! Some tool items above you may own already. just bring them. if not, use links to order. some tools can be found locally at craft stores as well. message or email me with any questions: moc.loa@4lrigahseek

*I will have kits with items for sale in class to use on your sculpture. first come first serve.

Reminder: This is  a 9 hour class. Total class cost is  $230.00 – Select Sunday Day Session and Sunday evening Session.