Reflections & Transformations - Transformative Healing Dolls

Kecia Deveney
One Day Workshop

Creating healing dolls is a way to allow inner emotional messages to emerge. The process of gathering supplies, planning/thinking in your mind, starting the process and channeling that energy is what manifests itself into your doll.

Transformative is defined as: causing a marked change in someone or something. In this case, it is YOU as the “someone” and your DOLL as the “something”. It speaks volumes of who we are and where we have been. When I made my healing doll sample for this class, I was feeling vulnerable and delicate. I set my intention as “strength” for my doll to manifest those feelings. She hangs in my studio where I can look directly at her and utilize that strength.

Spend the day as we day with me as we EXPLORE, PLAY, CREATE as we gather our supplies and begin the process of figurative transformation. All skills welcome – I’m here to guide and encourage you.

Supply list:

1) 4oz or 8oz Creative paperclip (black bag -Amazon)

2) a few small flat paint brushes

3) water container

4) roll masking tape

5) scissors

6) small amount of fabric for your dress at least a 1/4 yard. (I used fabric I made for one and then a cutter quilt for another) wool from an old sweater would be cool too

7) heat gun

8) glue gun with glue sticks

9) ext. cord

10) a variety fibers and yarn. you’ll need a good amount to create her coat.

11) spun wool yarn for hair (think dark earthy colors) I wanted her hair to be different from the coat and wool is thicker and looks like dreads. easy to find on etsy.

*supply list subject to updates. I will be supplying other items in class for us to use in our project. As always, please message me on fb or email me with any questions. moc.loa@4lrigahseek