Kecia Deveney
One Day Workshop

Welcome to DoLLyPoLLza! I am offering 3 unique doll classes to get your doll game on! My followers are always asking  me to teach my dolls, so here is your chance! There is something very gratifying about creating your own doll. They are unique, original and one of a kind. The process is FUN and there are so many options for giving them their own personality using easy techniques that I will show you. All skills welcome

I feel lately that I have been operating on auto pilot. Just going through the motions. Kind of missing old art that I use to do. I had a big yearning to do some collaging which has been awhile. So I got out my big old tub of papers and felt very inspired! So I name this doll ReAwakening because of renewing an old love for paper play.

This class will be a mix of collaging and making a doll. I love how regal she looks. You may think of a theme for your doll which will enhance her outwardly appearance. I went with old spiritual images and babies to give her a Renaissance feel.


  • roll of masking tape
  • scissors
  • 8oz modpodge
  • a few paintbrushes
  • white gel pen (optional)
  • 80z. packet of Creative paper clay (black bag – Amazon)
  • pen and notebook
  • collage images: think of themes such as circus, religious, birds, animals, floral/botanical, or your own family (laser copies only)
  • other collage material: tissue paper and a few magazines (great for eyes and words)
  • furniture tacks (optional) is what I used around her neck

$10 kit fee for cone, base & wire. supply list subject to updates in case I forgot anything! please email me or message me on fb if you have any questions. I’m here to help. moc.loa@4lrigahseek