Kecia Deveney
Gold Coast, Australia

Technique Based Studio Session

Fabric surface design (FSD) is the process of enhancing fabric through various techniques such as dyeing, screen printing, painting and stamping (to name a few).

In this Introductory Session to surface design, we will be playing with a variety of these techniques to create our own unique fabric, which could lend itself to be used in many other mixed media projects.

This is an addicting process and I find that the more personal touch that I add to my art (with less consumer bought materials), the more my own distinct style outshines mass produced commercial products. For this project we will be creating a work apron that wraps around the waist.

This is a technique based Studio Session.  It is all about designing our fabric and learning new techniques. Techniques to be explored are rust dyeing, immersion dyeing (perfect for lace and doily’s!), using stencils, stamps. I will also briefly discuss thermofax screening . 

Supplies needed:

  • 3 metres of cotton calico, washed and ironed – bleached or unbleached is fine. A few bits of t scrap fabric for contrast (ex. black and white pattern)
  • some lace or doily’s for the immersion demo (i will be selling some in class. first come first serve)
  • small delicate mesh wash bag ( target, amazon)
  • small amount of rusty material. Flat is better. I will have some for sale. first come first serve.
  • package of tulip pouncers
  • 2 small spray bottles and black sharpie
  • a few favourite stencils and stamps (i will have some to share as well)
  • black garbage bag
  • plastic table cloth
  • some acrylic paints in various colours
  • a gell plate and brayer – if you have one.

$20 kit fee for use of fabric spray paints, Goldens GAC, selection of stencils and thermofaxes and other misc supplies.

Supply list subject to updates. Please email me at moc.loa@4lrigahseek with any questions!