Kecia Deveney
Gold Coast, Australia

I loved to collage. Using my awesome vintage ephemera or just cutting scraps from magazines, collaging is a relaxing way to paint with paper! But for this piece, I also got out old art projects, sketches, etc. of work I’ve previously done, but then just tossed in a bin. It was fun to go through them and to cut out things I really liked and then incorporating them into a new piece. So you are gonna have fun going through your fodder of paper and old art work. (or make copies of sold art work, pics on phone and bring them too!).

I did not set out to make a self portrait, but by the time I was finished, I realized with all the choices that I had made with elements, colors, etc. that I was indeed, a reflection of myself. All skills welcome.


  • 12×12 canvas or wood panel (I prefer working on wood)
  • fashion magazines
  • ephemera (vintage papers, dictionary pages, sewing pattern paper)
  • iconic imagery: hands, hearts, crown, eyes, etc. (i’ll try and bring some as well)
  • scissors
  • matte gel medium & glue brush
  • sanding block
  • Golden fluid acrylics: van dyke brown, carbon black, a turquoise, a yellow, gold or bronze, titan buff, white, red (plus your favs)
  • Golden Acrylic Satin Glazing Liquid (smallest size)
  • small bottle of craft gold glitter paint (i’ll try and bring some as well)
  • blow dryer
  • variety sizes of paint brushes- liner, flat squares (versus round), fan, wide, big, small, etc. *Rub On words/symbols in black (optional)
  • something to scratch with – an old non working pen for example
  • old artwork, sketches or copies of old art work to deconstruct for elements

As always, please message me on facebook or email me at moc.loa@4lrigahseek with any questions. Looking forward to spending the day a fun day with you!