John Creighton Petersen
Saturday May 4, 2019

Assemblage takes on a new meaning with Mixed Media Fusion where we’ll throw out all of the rules for creating dimensional and layered masterpieces using your favorite found objects in combination with striking backgrounds of texture and color. You’ll be surrounded by others who have also collected enough found objects to be featured on an episode of Hoarders and need to find a way to start using some of their treasures!

This workshop will focus on creating beautiful textured backgrounds using a variety of mediums while slowly adding layers of color and washes. You’ll discover how to properly adhere your embellishments and how to add color and highlights to them as well. Of course we’ll add some collage elements including your favorite ephemera, printed papers and even stencils and rubber stamps. This transformative experience will challenge you to look and think of everyday objects in a completely new way!

Student Supplies to bring to workshop:

  • Canvas OR wood panel canvas at least 12 x 12 inches up to 16 x 20 inches in size. Prep your canvas with gesso prior to the start of the workshop.
  • ‘basic’ creative supplies (scissors, craft knife, your other ‘essential’ creative tools)
  • paint brushes in a variety of sizes (detail brushes to 2 inches)
  • palette knives
  • heat tool
  • favorite paints: acrylic based paints including metallics
  • gel medium (matte finish) and any other mediums you like to use for creating texture
  • heavy gesso in black and white
  • craft mat
  • stencils, stamps, etc that you may want to incorporate into your work
  • small spray bottle (for water)
  • inclusions (like glitter, micro beads, mica) to add into your project
  • ‘heavy duty’ adhesive like Liquid Fusion (or similar) that can quickly set a variety of different materials
  • laser copy (toner based) images for transferring onto metal (variety of sizes) if you would like to create the photo transfers
  • printed papers and/or tissue paper for backgrounds and layers
  • bezels (or similar) for working with resin
  • because this workshop is meant to be an expression of yourself, please bring your personal found objects, images, ephemera, etc that you may want to incorporate into your mixed media canvas

Workshop Kit Fee: $20

  • variety of texture pastes and inclusions
  • paints, mica powders, and other materials for adding color
  • limited selection of found objects and ephemera
  • paper clay and molds for creating embellishments
  • sculpture medium and fabric

Instructor will email all students prior to class to “check in” and review class supply lists etc – please don’t hesitate to send me an email (moc.evawwentra@nhoj) at anytime with any questions about supplies needed for class, found objects that can be used, etc. For more samples of completed projects visit artnewwave.com or my Instagram (artnewwave).