Jennifer Cahoon
Thursday May 2 and Friday May 3, 2019

Creating and using an effective grid can help artists create their own masterpieces resulting in an accurate rendering of their desired subject. This class will focus on using the grid to create a lovely monochromatic (to keep it simple) portrait painting.

In this two day class, we’ll cover the basics of creating and using an effective grid, practice color mixing, and ultimately create a finished piece that bears a true likeness of your chosen subject!

A number of reference photocopies will be available for use, but if you would rather personalize your piece and bring your own, Google “Posterizing Images” for instructions on doing this in photoshop or in an alternate free online platform. Image should be adjusted to reflect 4 levels. Printed images should be on standard sized letter paper. (This is recommended for those with prior drawing experience)

Once you master the basics of this process, the possibilities are endless and can be used with drawings or paintings with a variety of subject matter!

Supply List:

  • 16”x20” stretched canvas.
  • A variety of brushes (Large and small. Round, flat, angled and filbert brushes are recommended)
  • Heavy bodied paint, 3 tubes. Mars Black, Titanium White and your choice of either a shade of red, blue or purple.
  • Pencil/Eraser
  • Ruler (clear is preferable)
  • Palette (Paper Plates will do in a pinch)
  • Paper towels

The teacher will provide workable fixative as part of the class.