Jennifer Cahoon
Saturday May 4, 2019

Painting faces is something lots of artists want to do, but they feel as if it’s “too hard” or beyond their skill level.

Students will cover the basics of facial proportions, explore a variety of approaches, sketch out basic ideas and ultimately create a painting with multiple, rich layers and varied textures.

Supply List:

  • 16”x20” stretched canvas
  • Variety of heavy-bodied acrylic paints. (Make sure to include some “flesh” colored paints in your collection.)
  • Variety of liquid acrylic paints if desired
  • Variety of brushes (Small and Large. Round, angled and liner brushes recommended)
  • Palette of some sort (A small stack of paper plates would do in a pinch)
  • Pencil/Eraser
  • Suggested: Silicone Texture tools such as the Princeton Catalyst Blade line)
  • Suggested: A variety of painting mediums such as matte medium, modeling paste, Kroma Crackle, Coarse Texture Gel, etc.
  • Suggested: Small blow dryer

Kit Fee: $25

Includes access to:

  • Heat gun/blow dryer
  • A small variety of paint to supplement your supply
  • Workable Fixative
  • Containers for water
  • Paper towels
  • A small variety of acrylic mediums to supplement your supply.
  • A variety of text books to peruse for ideas/inspiration
  • A handout for participants to keep with some key points from the class.