Gwen Lafleur
Monday May 6, 2019

In this fun and fast-paced full day class, we’ll combine paper, paint, and mark-making to create beautiful floral still-life paintings on a canvas board. I’ll share a new background technique that works for canvases and art journal spreads, as well as an easy and unique way to create an underpainting for your floral composition.

Students should bring:

  • Baby wipes, scissors, paper towels, apron, water cup
  • Acrylic paint – several colors, plus black and white (I also recommend Payne’s Gray)
  • Paint brushes – 1/2″ and 1″ flat brushes, a detail brush, a round brush (#4 or #6 is good)
  • Glazing Medium
  • Matte Medium and both large and small brushes to apply
  • A selection of neutral papers and ephemera
  • Patterned paper (can be scraps,) gel prints, etc… with a variety of colors and prints (we’ll also make some of our own)


  • Multiple shades / hues of the same color paint (ie Cadmium Yellow, Mars Yellow, Burnt Umber)
  • Detail applicators for your paint (ie Dina Wakley paint tips, Fine Liner bottles) or paint pens, especially for black and white
  • Acrylic inks (gold if you have it, or gold fluid acrylic paint)
  • Black “Stabilo All” pencil
  • Heat gun
  • Rubber stamps, stencils

Kit Fee:  $5.00

  • 11″x14″ canvas board
  • Some paper options
  • Deli paper
  • Stamps and stencils to use in class