Florese con Frida

Edie Malin
One Day Workshop

Take a floral adventure into metalsmithing with a Frida Kahlo inspired design. (Skulls are optional, chain will vary).

You will learn forming, fabricating: sawing, stamping, soldering, and finishing, as we create a beautiful rose necklace from fine silver. Exploring different techniques and troubleshooting along the way will increase your knowledge of metalsmithing and it’s respective tools, and elevate your confidence. Along the way Edie will guide you to explore different methods to personalize your piece.

This class is better suited for the smith with some experience but beginners are very welcomed (as long as you have some bench and torch experience)

You will need:

  • safety glasses, heavy apron
  • Hammers: 2.5lb sledge, rawhide(or nylon) and chasing (stamping)
  • Bench block, sand bag
  • saw frame and blades (4/0)
  • benchpin and clamp
  • Files (#2+#4 half round and flat or your favorite assortment)
  • sanding sticks, polishing pads and any of your favorite polishing mediums.
  • assortment of pliers (round, chain, flat)
  • metal shear (hand)
  • ruler, paper, pen,

There will be a fee ($60) for the class metals kit. If you prefer to bring your own metals I can provide a list, just email me.

These items will be provided in class for communal use. If you prefer not to wait feel free to bring your own:

Flexshafts and asst tips
Polishing/finishing tools (grades of sandpaper)
Blazer type Torch for butane
Third hand
Soldering board
Asst props and holders for torch use
Silver solder (easy,  medium, hard)
Flux (pripps)
Pickle and pot
Copper tongs
Baking soda and water bath
Soft brass brushes
Black max
Synthetic steel wool 0000
Tumbler and shot with sunsheen