Light Headed

Deborah Petronio
One Day Workshop

In this class we will create a nightlight that is a little bit cute, a little bit spooky, a little bit freaky, a little bit Steampunk. Using an antique composition baby doll head and found objects such as lamp parts, old keys, finials and oil cans we will construct our assemblage nightlight. We will have a lesson on using special resin clay to attach objects, and antiquing with paint. No previous experience necessary.

Supply list:

I can provide a set of necessary materials for $65 (in addition to the kit fee). Alternatively you may hunt up your own parts. I will also be vending so I will be sure to have supplies.

Parts needed:

Composition (or porcelain) doll head. Composition is a wood pulp mixture used in the first half of the 1900s. These and the lamp parts are available on Ebay or antique malls. Happy hunting! The opening in the bottom of the head must be at least one inch to accommodate the nightlight bulb.

Lamp base. The opening within the lamp base must be at least one inch in diameter to accommodate the nightlight bulb.

Chandelier Bobesches. The opening in the center of the bobesche must be at least one inch to accommodate the nightlight bulb.

Decorative elements such as lamp finials, filigree, jewelry pieces, ribbons, crystals and dodads…

Tools include pliers, wire cutters, clay sculpting tools, paint brushes, enthusiasm

Class fee:
$15 includes light kit, Apoxie clay, paint, use of tools