Fairies, Elves and ballerina dogs!

Deborah Petronio
One Day Workshop

Fairies, Elves, ballerina dogs! In this class we will make several dolls to take home. You can make dolls of all different sizes. Share one with a friend, hang one on the Christmas tree, or just enjoy your creations! I will teach you techniques so that your doll not only look great, but will last as long as you do! Assemblage is the art of connecting odd parts into a new creation. We will use antique doll parts, tins, lace and hardware along with some interesting new choices to create your very own dolls. After taking this class you will be inspired to hunt up your own “parts” and get hooked on the wonderful world of one of a kind dolls.

Supply List:

To put your own stamp on yours dolls you are encouraged to bring your own parts for your dolls. Think old doll parts, old tins, old hardware….. I also use ribbons and vintage fabrics to make clothes. Think heads, bodies, arms and legs! I will have a lot of things for sale at vending and in class, so no worries if you don’t bring things with you.

Other things you will need for class:

  • Jewelry pliers- flat nose, round nose and wire cutters
  • Awl
  • Paint brushes
  • Embellishments: think rhinestones, lace, ribbons, fur, fabric, buttons…. Also lamp parts, old hardware, tins.

Class Kit: – $20

The kit will contain everything to make one example doll that we will do together in class. I will supply all wire, Apoxy Clay, sewing supplies, use of power tools, safety gear, hardware and paint to make more dolls.