The Artful T-Shirt

Carolyn Dube
One Day Workshop

Transform average white shirts into colorful couture as we spend a day playing with pattern and the rainbow. As the techniques are broken down step-by-step, you’ll get helpful shortcuts on how to create wearables that are vibrant and one of a kind.

You’ll walk out the door with 4 uniquely you shirts and an understanding of the process and the materials.

Zero experience is required for this day of play with paint, StencilGirl stencils and Marabu fabric painting supplies. You’ll need to bring 4 white prewashed 100% cotton shirts, an empty spray bottle for water, 6-8 of your favorite colors of regular acrylic paint, paint brushes (some big some not so big), a container for water to clean brushes, scissors, and a sharpie marker. I’m bringing everything else you’ll need.

Kit Includes: A rainbow of Marabu fabric sprays, use of StencilGirl stencils, hangers and shirt liners, bottles and additive for you to turn your acrylic paint into fabric paint, liner writers, and more.

Kit fee: $30