Dirty Little Secrets of Gel Printing

Carolyn Dube
One Day Workshop

A rainbow of color and pattern mysteriously entangled in the layers of your gel print but never making mud? How is that possible? You’ll gasp with excitement as the first corner is pulled up giving you get a glimpse of the colorful magic about to be revealed. But it’s not magic.

Once you know the secrets then you can actually control when those prints are going to happen, even if you have never made a gel print before. It isn’t random and it isn’t some unexpected surprise, it’s about the dirty little secrets of gel printing.

Step-by-step, the techniques are broken down but fair warning, this is an addictive process so be prepared to make an abundance of prints you love. Once you know the secret, then you can dial it up or down, creating prints you love.

Carolyn’s bringing all the Gel Press plates, brayers, stacks of paper, a huge stash of StencilGirl Products stencils and the secret ingredients for you to use so you’ll only need to bring 6-8 of your favorite colors of acrylic paint plus a heavy body white paint and an apron.

Kit includes: Use of multiple gel plates, brayers, stacks of paper, use of stencils, use of rubber stamps, and secret ingredients.

Kit fee: $25