Picture this. A little kid in 4th grade, who seemingly had no interest in art, was given a class project: with a partner, create a poster that highlighted the spirit behind the words “Read to Succeed.” Together they created a life-size poster of a child holding a book and ended up winning first place in a school-wide contest.

Fast forward 10 years and picture this. A big kid, now in college and still with seemingly no interest in art, was in a boring work-study job selling tickets to university events. Random doodles to pass the time somehow morphed into full-blown sketches of objects on hand: tickets, cups, shoes, and more.

Decades later, picture this. Through twists, turns, and unexpected events, this kid now has a full-blown case of art obsession. He is back in school, only this time the school is Art is…You. Working as a student, he feels the creative energy of being surrounded by people who “get it” and experiences the immense joy of connecting with people who “get him.” Not to mention the gratification of learning new skills, expressing oneself, and creating projects that actually look good!

Just a few years later, that kid with seemingly no interest in art, is an instructor at Art is…You. With every class I now teach, I get to see first-hand the excitement, eagerness, pleasure and satisfaction in the attendees. I am a witness to the community that has been created by Salliane and Ellen, one that manages to push people out of their comfort zones while at the same time keeping them feeling safe.

In everything I do, my goal is to “leave it all on the field.” And at the end of every Art is…You, whether as a student or instructor, I leave the event feeling both exhausted and exhilarated. There is no better feeling and I hope you join the family and feel it too.

Seth is joining us in Stamford to teach a Master Class that has been sold out.  However he will be onsite over the weekend at Art Trunk with a selection of his new Stamp line, Stencils, Books, DVDs and art.

In 2016 Seth will be joining us in Santa Rosa, Australia and Stamford.

Seth can also be found online: