bursting joy + love, rachel:

i LOVE the name Art is You because all i do is purposed to lite-bright bridge me to YOU! i exist for our beautiful encounter. i love how art brings out our colors. the real + the true. we all have these dandelion bunches. the yellows say be yourself. you are accepted + treasured for the rise + fall of your chest, the dreams in your heart + the distinct you who you miraculously offer the world every gloriously messy day.

i am grateful to live + breathe as a

out of a private practive in saint paul, minnesota. i am passionate about traveling beside people + being on the look-out for your gold + encouraging sight of your beauty + fully living it out. as i grow more deeply into being myself, i find my language becoming more bare + less academic/dressed up. i like words + art that bridge my heart to yours. that say hello. you matter. thank you. possibility.

who wrote + illustrated the book “all i did was listen”, inspired by all the times i gasped at the beautiful things i heard my clients say. i didn’t want to keep these lovely words to myself + sensed the gaspy moments were not only individual stories but all of our stories. i gathered them up, wrote prose-like reflections for each one + followed the wisdom of my younger son to begin creating art + got busy drawing pictures to befriend them all.
+ wrote + illustrated the book “diving in”, inspired by my experience of swimming + recognizing the singular beauty that exists in feeling more fully alive. the pages are an invitation for you to come alongside.
+ i am now in the throws of writing + illustrating my third book. if these pages jive with you, you will like my third one even more. my mom says so!

art playgroundist:
where making art feels like recess to me. wind in my face. swing sets. a wide open field + running it all with my friends.
i play shop + offer books, art prints, t-shirts, mugs, + cards. my books have been endorsed by SARK, kelly rae roberts, raphael cushnir, + brian andreas/storypeople.
you can find me in all these online playgrounds + i can’t wait to meet you in person this september!
all with LOVE! rachel

http://rachelawes.com (website)
http://rachelawes.etsy.com (shop)
https://www.pinterest.com/rachelawes/rachel-awes-art/ (pinterest)
https://instagram.com/rachelawes/ (instagram)
https://www.facebook.com/pages/all-i-did-was-listen/110783468961315 (facebook)

rachel awes, psychologist, author, + art playgroundist, from st. paul, minnesota

Rachel is joining us in Minneapolis as a special guest speaker