Many years ago when I was in university I was chatting with an advisor who was attempting to less than subtly sway me away from an art degree, stating that I might consider a career more pragmatic…something that offered “essentials” to the world.  Let me say this, I have been an instructor for Art is You for many years now and what I see people experiencing at these retreats is nothing less than “essential”.

I have seen people using art to work through troubled and stressful times. I have seen individuals who felt empowered by their creativity when previously they thought they had no voice. I have seen the joy of expressing oneself when without judgment. I have seen the camaraderie of artists working together and sharing ideas.

I have seen the power transforming a “I could never make that” into a “wow, I can’t believe I made that”. I have the seen adults rediscovering the childhood joys of imagination. I have seen all these things and more, yet there are still some who don’t believe that art is a necessity. It has been my privilege to work as an instructor with Art is You and see first hand the many magical moments that occur with the attendees. Make no mistake, tapping into one’s imagination and expressing one’s self is as essential as drinking, eating and breathing.

What could possibly be more important than tapping into one’s uniqueness as a way of connecting with others?

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Thursday: Sideshow Shrines
Friday: Mixed Media Retratos
Saturday: Mermaids and Nautical Oddities
Sunday: Eye of Protection


Master Class: Movie Monster Madness
Saturday: Mixed Media Retratos
Sunday: Mermaids and Nautical Oddities
Monday: Eye of Fatima