I am a mixed media artist who has been influenced heavily by a desire to rescue those discarded treasures and images that I find along my journey. I create art because it is where I am able to fully reflect who I am, where I go to save my thoughts from sadness and worry and how I am able to give something of myself to those I love. Art Is You is a place where like minded souls can gather, create, share, laugh, make new friendships and deepen old ones. My experience, as a teacher, is much the same as any other artist attending AIY. To feel the joy and happiness and laughter along the creative journey. To see the art come to life.

As an instructor I bring years of teaching experience to the table but, more importantly, I bring a “zenness” to the classroom….a stress free environment where attitude, technique and a bit of southern charm create a uniquely “Lesley” experience.

Being face to face with an instructor, to see something demonstrated particularly for you, to touch and feel textures or to simply laugh with your fellow classmates……that’s what it means to attend a retreat. The extras are the magical icing that comes along with it. There is nothing that will ever replace the feelings and knowledge that one attains by simply being there. I always say you will never regret being in the mix when the magic happens. Never.

Lesley is our Production Master, working behind the scenes and bringing to life many of the special gifts our attendees receive, creating special downloads and most importantly cheering us on and reminding us how important Art is You truly is to world peace!


Not only will Lesley and her husband Tom be bringing her online store A Vintage Season, to life every day of Minneapolis and Stamford, Lesley will be teaching: