I am so thrilled to be in the Art Is You line-up because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to share art with other creatives! I find it so very healing, calming and energizing all at the same time. And the friendships and bonds that are created while creating can be just as rewarding! Because I enjoy it so much, I really strive to help others learn the best ways to be successful while creating so it can be as pure a relaxing and enjoyable process as possible. I pride myself in doing 80-100 hours of research and testing for every workshop I offer, so all artists, no matter their skill level, can be assured of success! And the amazing, wowing, fabulous things that come out of the attendees always just blows me away, and inspires me to do it all over again!

While my workshops are joyfully lighthearted and entertaining, I feel a real responsibility to help artists understand their products and processes so they can be confident in their next steps! After all, anyone can teach you how to follow a recipe and become a short order cook! I want to teach you the 411 behind why the ingredients work the way they do so that you can create your own recipes and become a master chef! And to be sure to spice things up, I’ll be bringing some of my own rare and unique ingredients for sale at the fabulous trunk show too!

I look forward to enjoying time with fellow artists in Minneapolis and Stamford this fall!

I’ll be offering the following workshops for your arting pleasure:

Letter Palooza: This class is for any artist who wants to put more of their own authenticity into their work. It’s a blow out of a bargain, combining 2 of my best selling workshops to make this mega class. It’s all about learning how to accentuate your own handwriting, and turn it into something creatively awesome- even if you think you have chicken scratching! Then once you learn the process to create fantastic fonts, we’ll move on to explore how to create fabulous power words, and then how to multiply and use your own work again and again in a variety of mediums!

Stamp Creation and Beautiful Papers: This class is the ultimate stash building class! Not only will you learn 7 different techniques for making your OWN stamps, but you will then enjoy the sheer bliss of printing with your own unique tools and mark makers! But what good would a stash do if you didn’t know how to use it? No worries- not only your own stamps, and a pile of beautifully printed papers will leave with you, but also plenty of visual sample inspiration, plus tips and suggestions to thrill will be happily shared to fill your brainpan with ideas on where to go from here!

Stamps, Stencils, Gellis and Thermofax: One of my all time favorite classes to teach, as no-one ever wants to stop! A one-stop shopping class for all things printing! Oh! The beautiful beautiful things that ALWAYS come out of this class! Learn new and exciting ways to use tools you already have, and a few things you might like to try before you buy! Plus, you’ll learn how to make your OWN printing plates of any size or shape! The beautiful results are suitable for use in journals, altered books, on canvas and cradleboard, or with encaustics, or on lamps, tables, pretty much you name it!

Sweet Salvage Stories: The thing that always surprises artists who take this class is the fabulous tactile PATTERN and TEXTURE of the pages. An absolute joy to hold and touch and turn the pages covered with fantastic black and white pops that unlock the glorious subtle colors of the backgrounds. Two of my favorite things are celebrated in this class- upcycling, and lettering, and decorative tapes- okay, three of my favorite things. Well, gesso- there is always gesso…four. Paper…five…

Minneapolis Workshops:
Thursday: Letter Palooza
Friday: Stamp Creation and Beautiful Papers
Saturday: Stamps, Stencils, Gellis and Thermofax
Sunday: Sweet Salvage Stories

Stamford Workshops:
Thursday: Stamps, Stencils, Gellis and Thermofax
Friday: Letter Palooza
Monday: Stamp Creation and Beautiful Papers

I hope you will join my art parties workshops, as I plan on having a wonderful, creative, art and friend filled time!

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