Even as a child, I had an obsession with paper and everything that could be done with it- lettering, painting, collage and even bookmaking. Although my degree is in Photography, my passion for paper arts lead me into a variety of different fields along the way including printing and design. In high school I began making journals from old books that I kept sketches, ideas, clippings, and my day to day adventures in which naturally led me into the altered arts- and three shelves of books! Along the way I picked up a few more “obsessions” including calligraphy, beading, and rubber stamping. All of these creative endeavors are evident in my current fusion of mixed media works combining paper arts with jewelry.

I’m naturally curious about learning, whether that’s in my studio discovering new techniques and experimenting or trying out some crazy new recipe that I’ve found on Pinterest. In the sunny months, you’ll more than likely find me outside either doing yard work or enjoying the view of Mt. Rainier from my deck, dreaming up my newest creation!

Minneapolis Workshops:

Friday: Explosion Box
Sunday: Tchotchke Transformation

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