I’m a natural extrovert, so chatting and laughing and teaching fuels me. I love meeting new people, especially when we are all such like-minded, artistic souls, who’ve come together for the pure pleasure of ‘making stuff!’ I’m so looking forward to Art is You! I’m so looking forward to teaching in Minneapolis this year for Art is You! I love teaching and I’m excited to share my four workshops.

My “Sketching and Watercolor: Autumn” workshop continues to be my most popular and my favorite to teach. The loose theme for this class is autumn, but it’s just a framework to teach people to draw and paint. So often, students will tell me they ‘can’t draw a stick figure” and that they haven’t drawn since 3rd grade. It’s absolutely thrilling to me, to watch them learn and then create something in their sketchbook that they are proud of! I feel I’m giving them a lifelong skill that they will always cherish. Giving people the tools to keep an illustrated journal and to really appreciate each moment is priceless! I really feel I’m sharing something important in this workshop. Seriously, learning to draw can be life changing.

My other two workshops are new this year; both are spin-offs of what I love to do. “Felt Like Stitching” is instant gratification with colored felt and hand stitching. And “Abstract Collage Using the Gelli Plate” is about my favorite monoprinting and then creating a finished piece to hang on the wall.

Finally if you are new to quilting, or just want to learn some different approaches to add to your fiber art skills? Then join me in “Your Totally Original Small Art Quilt”. Play with cloth and color and hand stitching to create a unique art quilt from your own original designed fabric. my Sunday workshop is for you!

It will be exciting to watch students take what I teach and make it their own. I’m always wowed by the creativity!

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