Wish Maker

Annie Hesse
Two Day Workshop

Wish Maker is a two day class that marries doll making with beading. Day one will find you beading a one of a kind face for your unique doll. Day two, unlike the quiet creativity of day one, will be robust and full of anticipation as we assemble the doll, dress the doll, add the face, add the hair, and embellish. Most students go home with the doll finished and ready to become the center of attention in your home! If not finished, no worries as there are step by step photos and clear directions throughout the entire project.

If you would like to sew your own body, stuff it, wire the hands, and sew the costume, you will be sent the instructions ahead of class time. Just do not forget to bring all body parts to class along with your beads. If you choose to sew your own doll and provide your own supplies, the kit cost will be $25.

If you choose to sew your own doll and provide your own supplies but wish me to create a bead kit for you, the cost of the kit will be $50.

If you want a complete kit that includes the doll pre made for you, the kit cost is $135. If you want to add the bead kit, the total will be $160.

Please be specific in terms of ordering any kits. moc.liamg@9981traeinna