Andrea Matus deMeng
Friday August 28, 2020

“Someday perhaps the inner light will shine forth from us, and then we’ll need no other light” — Johann von Goethe

 Now the dictionary defines a luminary as something that provides light, or a person that inspires or influences others. With this in mind I thought it might be fun to spend a bit of time transforming the ordinary lives of photographs into luminaries. In this class we will take portraits of everyday people and using paint, clay, collage, found objects, and then adding lights we’ll create luminaries both metaphorically and physically. Your lit up creations will illuminate an otherwise hidden interior scene revealing your characters inner strength. Chose a photo of someone who inspires you, or create an inspirational figure from your imagination. You will be transforming the mundane into something elegant, opulent and shall we say “enlightening”.

When you shine your “inner light” you feel a transformation….not just visually, but psychically.

Teacher will bring:        

  • Tools for assembling our project
  • Wires, screws and other hardware to complete our projects
  • Metallic paint
  • Portfolio Brand Pastels
  • Other mark making tools
  • Collage sheets

Kit Includes: $5.00

  • Matte Board
  • Collage Sheet

Supply List:

Small cradled wood panel or wooden box (3”X4” to 4”X6”) and at least 1½” deep (for the light)

Small battery operated tea light, or battery operated small string of led lights

Photos from magazines, vintage photos, family portraits (we’ll be working on substrates between 3”x4” and 4”x6”, so nothing too large (faces should be about the size of a quarter, up to a silver dollar)– bring a variety of sizes to choose from and please make sure they are photocopies or laser prints (NO inkjet printouts) – Glossy brochure paper is if possible.

Paper, ephemera and collage items

Paint: Golden Acrylics fluid or heavy body (white, black, any blue, red, and yellow, plus a couple more of your favorites)

Paint Palette (a paper plate will suffice)

Paintbrushes: bring just a few in different sizes, and one detail brush

Water Container

Golden Matte Medium (small bottle)

Paper towel and/or baby wipes


E6000 Adhesive

An assortment of found objects: brass filigrees, old jewelry pieces, buckles, lenses, wings, typewriter keys, keys, keyholes, little plastic animals… just about anything really…bits of ribbon, sequins, beads with large holes make great legs for your Luminati

1/4lb of Aves Epoxy Clay