Creating Fun, Funky Florals Using Your Intuition

Amy Beeman
Saturday May 4, 2019 – Evening Workshop

Join me as I share with you all of my favorite techniques for creating fun, funky florals using paper, paint, and pastels! We will dive in and let our imaginations loose, following our intuition and the flow of the paint to make our decisions. We will play with composition using reference photos and I will talk about using different colors together to make a well-rounded piece. We will be creating a fun, funky, and maybe even a little abstract painting and have a great time doing it! 


  • watercolor paper – 11×14 sketch book
  • graphite pencils
  • paper towels
  • water vessel
  • 1 canvas or canvas board (no smaller than 12×12, no larger than 16×20)
  • water spray bottle
  • oil pastels
  • china markers in white and black
  • a variety of acrylic paints in fun floral colors and some neutral colors
  • a variety of paint brushes in various sizes: filbert, round and line brushes,
  • gel medium
  • palette knife or old credit card to use with gel medium paper ephemera: book pages, music sheets, etc.
  • your favorite (3-4) colors of high flow acrylics
  • acrylic inks in greens, yellows, and teal (fluorescent colors are also fab!)
  • white chalk

Kit Fee: $30.00

I realize a lot of folks may be traveling by air and bringing supplies may be difficult. The kit will include use of the class set of acrylic paints, inks, and high flow acrylics, gel medium, oil pastels, spray bottles and watercolor paper. A canvas board or canvas, and china markers will also be available to use. If the kit is purchased all the painter needs to bring is paper towels, a sketch book, graphite pencils and their favorite paint brushes.