Mold a Face

Vicky Phelps
Thursday 27 August – Evening

Three hour workshop using a variety of face moulds and different types of clay and quick setting resin and paint

With this workshop we will start with a demonstration on making a face mould, and then everyone will use moulds to make faces that can be connected to antique dominos, old tins or paint brushes. Play with paper clay or polymer clay and embed wires, beads, buttons, nails or any doodads. Make wings or faces with quick setting resin, or moulded pieces. Line tins with quick setting resin sheets, build layers and decorate.

Use epoxy clay, cold connections, chain or beads to assemble a fun piece. Paint and dry brush to tie project together and embellish with some coloured wax. Only limited by your imagination.

Kit Workshop Supply Fee $10 [paid to teacher on the night]

Use of moulds, antique dominos, wires, beads, buttons, screws, paper clay, polymer clay, epoxy clay, quick setting resin, paints, wax, limited tools and more.

Student requirements.

Small needle nose or round nose pliers, small long nose pliers, side cutting pliers [there will be some to share but if you have them bring along]


Bring any embellishments that you would like to include to project

Detail paint brush, old brush for dry brushing

Old tin [or new tin we can age] or a paint brush, if you want to decorate one as tins and brushes will not be supplied.